Our inferno services aim to provide quick and reliable capes at competitive pricing for all account builds in North America.

All of our capes are done remotely, which means all account interactions are done locally on your computer. This ensures that your IP address, HWID, UA, client, etc. are all the same when we earn your cape. This method is what allows us to proudly boast our 0% ban rate.

Service will be provided via a third party application that offers a service similar to TeamViewer, but with a more reliable connection and lower latency.

Payment will be provided after wave 65, just before Jads. If you wish to pay with rsgp, you may pay with an alt account. Payments via BTC or PayPal will be done in a similar manner.

Gear requirements may vary slightly depending on account build, but armadyl and ancestral are not required. Items that will be expected include: anguish, occult, kodai, and barrows gear. If the account is 1 defence and has lower than 52 prayer, an Eldritch staff will be required.

All BTC/USD payments are calculated when the order is confirmed. Our rsgp rates are fixed; however, btc/usd will be updated periodically depending on market fluctuations.

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